Reinventing Healthcare

Taking care of your health should not ebb and flow because of misunderstood benefits or the size of your wallet. As an alternative to major medical insurance, we're blazing a new trail. We'll reinvent the way you see healthcare.

Our affordable plans can offer:

  • $0 deductible and co-pay driven
  • A simple, fixed-rate schedule
  • Quick and easy administration
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A Passion to Change the
Health Benefits Landscape

IHP was formed out of a vision to provide employers, big and small, with more. More options, more benefits, and more ways to use those benefits. We deliver quality, affordable healthcare with a clear, and distinct, schedule of benefits.

Insurance Umbrella
Our products are rooted in innovation, are fully compliant, and offer a fixed schedule of benefits helping to eliminate the year-over-year benefit cost increases clients typically see with other health plans.
Affordability is the last thing we want our members to worry about, which is why we offer plans that are guaranteed issue, co-pay driven, and offer zero deductible.
Get easy access to eligibility, claim status and more through our provider portal.
Building Shield Solid
We offer quality, compliant benefit options and work hard to eliminate year-over-year cost increases. With IHP, administration is as simple as our plan designs--allowing you time to focus on other strategic initiatives.
Insurance Umbrella

Check out our Plans

Minimum Essential Coverage
  • 4 Plan Options
  • Meets ACA compliance and avoids A Penalty
  • $0 Co-pay for preventive services, telemedicine, and preventive generic drugs
  • Access to PHCS/Multiplan networks
Minimum Value Plan
  • Several affordable Alternative Health Plan Options
  • Meets ACA compliance and avoids B Penalty
  • Co-pay driven plans and $0 co-pay for telemedicine
  • Provides in- and out-patient hospitalization
  • Fixed Premium
  • Multiple deductible plans available
  • Provides Behavioral Health Services
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Dental, Vision, and Hearing
  • 3 Dental Plan Options, with annual max up to $3000
  • No additional rider cost if bundled with Vision or Vision and Hearing
  • Vision benefit of $200 per plan year
  • Hearing Aid benefit of $500 per plan year
  • Simplified quoting with fixed rates across all approved states

Why IHP?

IHP was formed out of a vision to change the healthcare benefits landscape—making benefits more affordable, in a market where costs consistently increase.

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