Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. IHP takes out the complexity with simple plan designs and administration. Change how you think about healthcare.
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Uncomplicating Healthcare

In the market we live in today, affordability is everything. IHP combines affordable plans with options that offer high value for members. On top of that, our plans are easy to understand and even easier to administer.  

IHPs offerings range from standard to unique in the market, including not only a level-funded MEC plan but a fully insured one. We also offer a composite, fixed rate for all our dental plans—no more checking state rates or compiling various quotes for multi-state clients. So, whether your clients are in need of anything from hearing aid to minimum value plans, we can help you put a package together that will not only fit their needs but make their administrative lives easier!

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How We Started

Built by a group of industry veterans with over 30 years of knowledge and experience, we started with a simple vision: To make standard health insurance affordable without sacrificing quality. We wanted to support members’ care with plans they could easily understand and use, which employers could easily afford and administer. And this vision could never hold truer than what we’ve seen in the last two years in the marketplace. 

Employers are cutting costs while trying not to cut benefits. Employees are wondering if they have the right amount of coverage, either for their health or their wallet. But adhering to employee wellbeing shouldn’t be cost prohibitive, which is why we offer a number of options to assemble the benefits custom to each client. 

Simple Onboarding

Limit paperwork with our complete, digital package for simple implementation. Once we receive the census, the rest is packaged into one digital process—so nothing is ever lost in email. We work to virtually eliminate the year-over-year (YoY) benefit cost increase for your clients. See the difference IHP can make for you, your clients, and their employees. We'll reinvent the way you see healthcare.

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What We Offer

Group 15052@2X
  • Simplified quoting with fixed rates across all approved states
  • Dentemax network
  • $100 annual deductible and $1,000 - $3,000 annual maximum benefit
Vision & Hearing
  • $200 benefit per year for vision
  • $500 benefit per year for hearing aid
  • No additional rider cost if bundled with Vision or Vision and Hearing
Stethoscope@2X (1)
Alternative Health Plans
  • Level-Funded and Fully-Insured Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Level-Funded Minimum Value Plans

These products are backed by IHPs partner, American Financial Security (AFSLIC) and are available in certain states with anticipation of further expansion.


We're here to tell you what makes us stand above the rest.

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Ease of business

  • Quick to market solutions
  • Flexible Commissions
  • Consolidated, free reporting
  • Simplified quoting process

Plan Design

  • We select vendors (not the TPA), based on what we want for the plan
  • People-first mentality with no in- and out-of-network providers
  • level-funded and Fully Insured products
  • one-stop shop for health and ancillary

Broker Support

  • dedicated account manager
  • customized commissions
  • education and training
Insurance Umbrella

Let's Take The Next Step

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