With IHP, you and your employees will know and understand everything your benefits have to offer. Simple plan designs and even simpler administration.
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IHP offers companies, coast to coast, healthcare plan designs with two things in mind: affordability and a simple schedule of benefits. We believe affordability should be the last thing someone has to worry about when attempting to use their coverage, which is why some of our plans are guaranteed issue, with zero deductible, and co-pay driven.

We offer a range of benefits, from standard to unique, including a level funded MEC plan and a fully insured one. Our dental plans provide a simple composite, fixed rate—eliminating the complexity for employers operating in multiple states. So, whether you need a benefits package that offers anything from hearing aid to a minimum value plan, to hospital indemnity, we can help you put a package together that will not only fit your needs but makes administration easier!

Our passion for change is what drives us to be the go-to solution for our clients, and a market leader who propels a new way of thinking.


How We Started

IHP was built by industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience. We saw how market costs surrounding healthcare consistently increased, and how employers and plan designs were taking a hit. So, we set out to change that, and created a way to make health insurance affordable without sacrificing quality.

We know you’re constantly looking for ways to offer your employees the best, retain talent, and yet cut costs. IHP strives to support members’ care with simple plan designs, and easy administration. And we offer a number of options to help you assemble the exact benefits package you and your employees need.

Integrating IHP Is Easy

Our complete, digital package eliminates unnecessary paperwork for simple implementation. It’s as easy as sending the census, and the rest is done through one, simple digital process. It’s all in one place. Plus, we work hard to help eliminate the year-over-year (YoY) benefit cost increase employers typically see—we strive for consistency! IHP can be the difference you and your employees need—we’ve got you covered.


Affordable Benefit Options

What We Offer

Group 15052@2X
  • Simplified quoting with fixed rates across all approved states
  • Dentemax network
  • $100 annual deductible and up to $3,000 annual maximum benefit
Vision & Hearing
  • $200 benefit per year for vision
  • $500 benefit per year for hearing aid
  • No additional rider cost if bundled with Vision or Vision and Hearing
Health Plans Options
  • Level-Funded and Fully-Insured Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Level-Funded Minimum Value Plans

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