IHPlans Partners with Medmo for Member Imaging Solution

August 22, 2023
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Boca Raton, Fla. – Aug. 22, 2023 – IHPlans [IHP], a national alternative health insurance company, launched Medmo as part of their healthcare plan options, delivering provider partners and members with comprehensive medical imaging services and support.

Medmo is an all-encompassing medical imaging platform that partners with accredited imaging centers across the U.S. Their services are designed to reduce administrative burden on medical staff, improve patient outcomes, and help patients find affordable care. Medmo’s blend of technology and services results in positive patient experiences and better outcomes.

“This was a huge win for our members,” said Mike Feeney, Managing Partner, IHPlans. “It allows them to more quickly and easily schedule imaging appointments that meet their needs, whether it’s the most affordable price for self-pay or finding the best in-network center. Medmo’s support team can walk them through the entire process.”

IHP offers level-funded plan designs for employer groups across the country including options for Minimum Essential Coverage and Minimum Value Plans, along with ancillary products such as Dental, Hearing Aid, and Vision. Each IHP health plan option now includes access to Medmo’s services, and those services aren’t just for the member.

“Medmo’s application for providers makes ordering imaging for patients extremely simple,” said Ari Rostowsky, Managing Partner, IHPlans. “Providers can easily send the order to Medmo and track patient journeys in real time.”

To learn more about IHP’s healthcare plan options or to join IHP’s directory of providers, visit their website at www.ihplans.health. To learn more about Medmo, visit www.medmo.com

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IHP was founded on the principles of reinventing healthcare to create more options for employers, and more affordability for members. They offer small- to mid-size employers access to alternative health­care benefits such as Minimum Essential Coverage, Minimum Value Plans, Dental, Vision, and Hearing Aid. IHPs benefits are offered across the country and designed to be simple, progressive, and easily administered. IHP is truly a different kind of healthcare experience.

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