About IHP

With a people-first mentality and a thirst for continuous improvement, we strive to offer affordable product options to groups across the country in a way that truly reinvents healthcare.

The leaders of IHP have been in the healthcare space for years and have seen the drastic increase, especially in recent years, of premiums and deductibles. IHP set out to trailblaze a new path, one which included affordable healthcare and a consistent, and easy to understand, schedule of benefits. We believe members should use their benefits, and not be confused by them, or worried they cannot afford care. That’s not what health insurance is about.

IHP is part of Tres Health, a national third-party administrator and the powerhouse behind our digital technology. As an enterprise, our plan to create innovative solutions for our customers, backed by sustainable digital practices, can truly be accomplished.

Making Healthcare Benefits Simple

Our vision to create more options for affordable healthcare benefits became a reality when we founded IHP. We started in the northeast and can now offer benefits across the country. IHP believes in not only making our members’ lives easier, but also our clients as well. Employers are juggling a lot right now, from benefits, to retaining talent, to automation, remote workers, and competitive compensation.

Our Experience

Our team’s expertise is deep-rooted in the insurance industry, as many started out in various specialties, from small groups, to major medical, to voluntary benefits. That wide array of knowledge transcends into our benefit packages so that each offering is simple and meaningful to the member. We utilized our many years of partnerships to develop products as part of our standard suite, but also those that are innovative and unique to the market.

Our Leadership Team

Ari Rostowsky
Managing Partner
Mike Feeney
Managing Partner
David Morris
Managing Partner
Amanda Emery
Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Our Partners

Logo Main
A partner in finding imaging centers with an eye towards:
High-touch member engagement, Integrated technology, Contracts with top centers nationwide, and Flexible networks.
Medwatch Logo
Concierge service for members to utilize with an eye towards:
A Single Point of Contact Simplicity, Increased Member Satisfaction & Reduced Stress, Efficient Access to Benefits Information, and Education & Support related to Member Benefits.
Telemedicine service with an emphasis on Behavioral Health:
Urgent care, Primary Care, Behavioral Health, and Dermatology.
PHCS Multiplan
Minimum Essential Coverage Plans, Minimum Value Plans, and Reference Based Pricing Plans.

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If you feel like your healthcare options have decreased, and you're looking for quality, affordable benefits your employees will love, contact us today.

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